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Desperate Dumped on Deputy

R. Kelly sued by Mississippi deputy over alleged affair with man’s wife What a can of worms this lawsuit will open if the Desperate Deputy wins this case. 3/4 of the country’s spouses will be in court trying to rattle … Continue reading

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Let a sleeping dog lie

“United Shades of America” returns Sunday I don’t know if it is just me; I am of the opinion that in some circumstances, the less said about a problem, the better the resolve is. Sometimes, we have to let nature … Continue reading

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Unfriendly skies screw up again

The airline that has become known as the Unfriendly Skies of United screwed up again. They can not be responsible enough to take care of a hare. Annette Edwards the breeder of Simon, the biggest rabbit in the world, was … Continue reading

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PPP – Presidential Political Profit

Obama’s $400,000 Cantor Speech Makes Him Wall Street’s Newest Fat Cat To start and end with; there is nothing that Mr. O or any of his predecessors could say that would interest me; BUT Wall Street and many others see … Continue reading

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The band wagon is getting bigger

To me, it is very unusual that many of the ladies do not come out of their closet with their accusations until the $oldi starts flowing. Now Debbie Schlussel is accusing Sean Hannity of crossing the dirty little line.   … Continue reading

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Arrivederci ragazzi

Two Ark. inmates facing death seek stay for poor health This combination of undated photos provided by the Arkansas Department of Correction shows death-row inmates Jack Harold Jones Jr., left, and Marcel Williams. Both men are scheduled for execution on … Continue reading

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Let history live

Controversial removal of Confederate monuments starts in New Orleans: WHY?? What did the Confederates believe in? The Confederate States of America believed in several things that differed from the views of the North. Much of the South believed in the … Continue reading

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