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What are the odds??

Meghan Markle’s family. Even Vega would not have taken this bet. I say more power to Meghan. This is what dreams are made of and why fairy tales are written. Regardless of what the old girl says; I still say … Continue reading

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What else should we expect??

California to get first female and first LGBT Senate leader For the first time, California appoints an undocumented immigrant to a state post So goes appointments and positioning; so goes the power. If this out of control PC or insane … Continue reading

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Slowly killing the working man in mind, body and financially

Robots Break New Ground in Construction Industry SAN FRANCISCO — As a teenager working for his dad’s construction business, Noah Ready-Campbell dreamed that robots could take over the dirty, tedious parts of his job, such as digging and leveling soil … Continue reading

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They are slowly catching on

USA Today Christian Schneider sure put it in prospective. If you think about it, being a losing presidential candidate is one of the best jobs in America. No matter what you say, you come off way better than your … Continue reading

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I blame the media and the PC-ers

Sexual orientation top risk for suicidal thoughts in college freshmen What a sad commentary as to how low our country has sunk. Nearly one third of first-year college students have thought about suicide, according to a study across eight countries, … Continue reading

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A compliment, is a compliment, is a compliment; I guess …..

Trump ‘shocked the world,’ boxing promoter Don King says Don King, the most famous and successful boxing promoter, tells FOX Business that President Donald Trump “shocked the world” when he won the presidency and has exceeded expectations as the leader … Continue reading

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May be more to it than meet$ the eye

Fox Companies behind Florida bridge collapse have history of fines, failures, lawsuits The construction industry has a long history of kick-backs/pay-offs and the good old boy mentality. You scratch my back and I will fill your coffers. I am not … Continue reading

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