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Crippler them before they can walk

Fox South Korea: North Korea lacks missile technology IF – I say IF this information is correct; cripple them before they can walk. If all of this chest-pounding by the Kid-Dick-Tator is only a bunch of Wolf Tickets he … Continue reading

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The whole world has gone nuts!!!!

Ohio car attack suspect faces murder charge, civil rights probe This retarded looking piece of white-trash rammed a car into a group of other crazy demonstrating fools that were trying their best to kill each-other with baseball bats and other … Continue reading

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She is not alone

Navy: Only woman in SEAL training pipeline drops out SAN DIEGO –  The only woman in the Navy SEAL training pipeline has dropped out, a Navy special warfare official confirmed Friday. The three-week-long program in Coronado, across the bay from … Continue reading

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By far the most egregious %^&*# blunder in history

Fox Iran lawmakers vote to boost spending on missile program The ink on the ONE-SIDED agreement O-Bomb-A made with Iran was not even dry and Iran reneged. Even worse; whilst O-Bomb and his puppet Kerry were begging Iran on bended … Continue reading

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Don’t bet the house on it!!

Fox China pledges neutrality – unless US strikes North Korea first It is like when the Old Lady catches her Old Man lying to her. From that point forward, it is very hard to tell when he is bull-shitting or … Continue reading

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Smile; you’re on Candid Camera

Fox News Married couple, 28, arrested for public sex caught on tape at Wisconsin State Fair It didn’t seem to matter to this love sick couple Desiree Anderson, 28, and Robert Beasley, 28, that they were being videoed as they … Continue reading

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What if ….

No fuckin cops’! Gym bans police officers, military because they might offend minority members I have a WHAT IF for Jim Chambers, owner of the gym that bans cops and military people. WHAT IF  one of the homies that are … Continue reading

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